Type of services

Go back and forth situated

  • Nice for single use routes or trips
  • Advert-hoc journeys
  • One-time fee
  • Suitable for organizational outings

Time founded

  • Minimal three hours
  • More than one vacation spot
  • Bills founded on carrier interval (per hourly)
  • Peak/off peak charges apply

Time period established

  • Compatible for movements itinerary
  • Regular routes/locations/dates/occasions
  • Contractual expenses
  • Assigned apparatus for route
  • Committed driver (if vital)



  • Most general alternative
  • Competitive market premiums
  • Worthy for one time/advert-hoc journeys
  • Presentable buses
  • First-class for all occasions (i.e. Loved ones social journeys, industry outings…)
  • Compatible for out of doorways leisure organizations

Top class

  • Customize provider according to the personality of consumers’ experience agenda and requests
  • Provoke /oversee planning of go back and forth for entire occasion on behalf of customer
  • Furnish selection of equipment (i.e. Reserve better ability or extra contemporary buses)
  • Reliable drivers/pre-assigned routes/repute notifications
  • Compatible for itinerary headquartered journey (i.e. Abroad/company corporation)
  • 24/7 support